Drop-in Rates

Dropping in from out of town?  Need a temporary box to call "home" away from your home gym?  We love visitors!

If you belong to another CrossFit affiliate you are welcome to drop-in to any of our scheduled classes. We ask that you pre-reserve a class and complete our waiver prior to your arrival.  

Frequently asked Q &A for Drop-ins


Are you accepting drop-ins with COVID-19?   Yes, we are accepting drop-ins (yes, from anywhere). 

Can I walk-in for a drop-in class?  No, reservations and pre-purchase drop-ins are required to attend classes. 

Choose a class on our schedule to reserve a drop-in. 

Do you have open gym hours?  No, all available CrossFit classes and clinics can be found on our schedule

Do I need to wear a mask during my workout?  We are following CDC guidelines. Vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks in our facility. 

Can I see the WOD before I register? No, the daily WOD is not posted publicly. Just show up and be ready for anything. 

Can I have a refund if I do not show up?  No, we do not offer refunds of any kind for any reason. If you do not show up for class your payment will be forfeited as the "no show fee" per gym policy. 

Any person that displays symptoms of COVID-19 will be refused entry, regardless of payment made.

Drop-in Rates 

1 class                    5 Day/Wk

$20                                $80

*Contact us directly for T-shirt drop in. Not available for pre-purchase. Email oneasteriskcrossft@gmail.com

*One Asterisk CrossFit does not offer refunds on any purchases of memberships, drop-ins, services or products ordered.

Monthly CrossFit

Unlimited CrossFit

Unlimited CrossFit & open gym 

$179 - one month

8 Classes per Month 

*classes valid for one month and do not carry over


*Must have prior CrossFit experience to purchase memberships*

*Group Class Memberships are only available to ages 16 and older*