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Get Started with One Asterisk CrossFit 

Work hard. Train harder. Be better everyday. Join our community! 


Walking in is the first step!  We all learn to walk before we run.

Let our coaches help you with every step. Sign up for our On-Ramp Course Today!


Our bodies are made to move. Proper mechanics of movement allow us to move easier.

Let our community motivate you. You won't just join a gym, you'll become family. Period. 

On-Ramp Course 

If you are new to CrossFit, you will want to and need to complete our on-ramp course.  We required all new members to complete this course for prior to entering regular group classes.  This course will introduce new members to the fundamental movements, techniques, and lingo of our community.  Want to know what a WOD, AMRAP, EMOM, or SDLHP mean? You will! Want to know why people love to work out? Just wait for it...

Contact to sign up for our next class or register here!

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