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Rules & Frequently Asked Questions

We want to maintain a SAFE, MOTIVATING, FUN, and EFFECTIVE training environment for all members, thus we ask all our members and guests to adhere to the following rules and policies

General Rules

  • Leave your ego at the door.

  • Respect each other.

  • Respect the equipment.

  • Respect the coaching staff.

  • Respect yourself.

  • Leave the coaching to the coaching staff.

  • No whining, you came to workout….enough said.

  • Do not drop kettlebells, dumbbells, empty barbells or plates.

  • Do not drop a barbell with anything less than #15 plates on each side from overhead. 

  • Always sign in before class and track your workouts in Zen Planner!  

  • Do not walk behind the front desk. Speak to a coach if you need assistance.

  • Avoid walking where people are exercising.

  • Do not touch the sound/music controls. Ask a coach if you need assistance.

  • Return all equipment neatly where you found it.

  • Brush excess chalk off barbells and dumbbells. 

  • If you spill chalk or spread chalk dust, clean it up.  

  • Clean your DNA off the floor and equipment.  

  • Pick up after yourself. Don’t leave towels, water bottles, etc. on the floor.

  • Do NOT hang out where people are exercising or classes are programmed to occur.

  • Keep the bathroom clean. No loose belongings on the floors. If you drop something, pick it up. 

  • Mobilize daily and don’t ignore your injuries.

  • KIDs classes - No adults other than coaches or parents/guardians of participants are allowed inside the gym floor area.


"Can I" Questions 


Can I drop my “kettle bell?” “barbell?” “bumper plates?” "dumbbells?":


  • You CANNOT drop kettle bells or dumbbells, except if you have to bail (for safety).

  • You CANNOT drop bumper plates from above knee height.  If you do it’s a 5 burpee penalty (per drop/per class).

  • You CAN drop weights when working with max sets.

  • You CAN drop weights any time you get in trouble and have to bail (for safety.) 

  • Never drop an empty barbell. 

  • You CANNOT drop a barbell with anything less than #15 plates on each side. 

  • Choose your weights accordingly!


“I can’t drop my weight from overhead and let my barbell bounce across the floor, but why?” 


First, It’s dangerous. Dropping your barbell from overhead risks injury to others and damage to equipment.

Second, Keep your barbell in your own “bubble.” Your barbell should not be traveling into other peoples training area. 

Third, there is a fundamental difference between the world of weightlifting and what we do in CrossFit. We are concerned with increasing our athletes’ strength and efficiency, which in turn enables them to finish WODs faster and with heavier weights. We focus on building strength (which includes the eccentric lowering of weights) and on efficiency with weight.  So, you should not be dropping the bar from overhead unless necessary.

Finally, we are located outside a neighborhood.  If our neighbors don’t like us, we risk losing the current home of One Asterisk CrossFit. Please respect the neighbors.


“Can I workout outside of class time?”


One Asterisk CrossFit is proud to offer “Open Gym” time for it’s members. You may use this time to workout on your own (e.g., catch up on a WOD, work on weaknesses, etc.). Check our schedule for a current listing of Open Gym times. Members are allowed to mobilize outside of CrossFit class times. When mobilizing, members must stay out of the way of classes in progress and people exercising. Members are not allowed to do any extra workouts outside of programmed class. Please use the “Open Gym” time to do your extra workouts. Use the programmed workouts to push yourself to your max; be 1% better than yesterday.


*Any additional workouts performed by members outside of scheduled class times must be approved and supervised by a member of the coaching staff; these workouts may include but are not limited to: open workouts, competitor training, competitor prep.


“Can I do a workout prescribed?”


Rx, Rx+, and Range of Motion (ROM): Exercises completed “as prescribed” are signified by an “Rx.” To do a workout Rx you must do the exact movements listed, use the prescribed weight for men and women (as appropriate), and use the prescribed range of motion (i.e., all pull-ups with full extension of the arms at the bottom). Range of Motion is always considered when determining Rx. Some workouts can be completed as Rx+. Rx+ has all the requirements of Rx, except the weight used and/or reps/rounds performed are more than prescribed. Rx+ workouts must be approved by the coach teaching the class.


If you cheat your reps or range of motion, you’re cheating yourself…no one else.



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