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What is CrossFit 

CrossFit is high intensity, constantly varied, functional movements that includes strength training and metabolic conditioning. 


CrossFit is for everyone. It is the perfect application for all individuals regardless of their fitness level.  It is for every person who is motivated and willing to work hard to increase their overall fitness, regardless of past experiences or restrictions.  

Courtesy of CrossFit Inc. 

Scalable to all fitness levels 
CrossFit is the perfect application for any individual regardless of fitness level. 

Constantly Varied
Workouts are different everyday. We keep fitness fun and training enjoyable. We do not follow routine. 

Broad and Inclusive
We specialize in not specializing. Our program is by design board, general and inclusive. 

High Intensity 
Our classes are 60 minutes.  They are designed to increase strength and increase overall fitness.   

We are family. We train, motivate, challenge and support each other, everyday. 
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