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Membership Policies

(1) All membership change requests must be emailed to 10 days prior to the membership auto-renewal date. (Example:  If you want to stop AutoPay for July 1 payment, the email to stop the July Membership would need to be sent by June 20th.)  Failure to notify by the deadline will result in payment processing for the next month. No refunds will be processed.

(2) Late payment / Declined / Insufficient funds on auto-payment accounts will incur a $25.00 processing fee. 

(3) Three Strikes Rule: If auto-payments fail during processing three times, any payments thereafter for memberships, goods, or services will be paid up front and/or on a month-to-month basis.  

(4) We do not offer refunds of any kind.  If you are purchasing online, please verify and confirm membership/product/drop-in being purchased prior to finalizing payment.

(5) Memberships cannot be placed on hold once activated for the current month.  Members may place an in-active month membership on hold for one 30-day period  one time per year. The membership hold must be for 30-days and cannot be re-activated during the hold period.  For membership holds or cancellations, please contact us. 

(6) Memberships cannot be shared, transferred, or exchanged. All membership purchases are final.  It is the responsibility of the member/account holder to utilize the membership as eligible.  Management of One Asterisk CrossFit will not make notification for failure to use or cancel memberships.   

(7) Memberships that are cancelled, deactivated or changed for any amount of time will be applicable to current membership fees/rates. 

(8) Membership prices are subject to change at any time.   

(9) Memberships with class credits or "class pass" status will not be transferred or rolled over for any additional time.  Any classes unused by the expiration date will be forfeited. 






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